Craig Louis Dingman - Jazz/Blues Musician
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Hey! Thanks for the visit! I'm a singer-songwriter and musician living in North San Luis Obispo County, California, in an area often referred to as the Central Coast. Locally, we sometimes call it Paradise. It's where William Randolph Hearst, with all his money, decided to build his castle, not too far from the coastal hamlet of Cambria where I recorded my first full length album, "Love, Laughter and Longing," at Painted Sky Studios. So, you get the idea, it's a nice part of Earth.

Craig Louis Dingman - Love, Laughter & Longing Still, there can be trouble in Paradise. That's why some of the tunes on "Love, Laughter and Longing" chronicle the disappointment and heartbreak of love lost. But others show the hope of new love, appreciation of the love that is greater than simply the romantic kind and the humor we need to put life's ups and downs into perspective. All together the songs on the album trace the arc of a relationship with life and with other persons along the way.

Yes, I call it an "album," not a "cd." That just goes to show you that I'm somewhat old school. But compact discs are just technological medium and an album is a collection of ideas, expressions or mementos. That's the way I look at it. So, I hope you will click on the sound samples on this site and be inspired to obtain the album, recorded on a cd, and follow the collection of my expressions through their arc.

Also, I'll be delighted if you explore the links. In addition to being a singer-songwriter I gig around our beautiful Central Coast in a great blues band called Code Blues and play standards as a duo with my friend, singer Della Coelho. And sometimes in other groupings as well. Recently I've been hosting "Blues Masters Jam" at The Clubhouse in San Luis Obispo with Rick Pittman on drums and Gary Steinman on bass and a lot of great players stopping in to testify.

Thanks again for the visit. I hope to see you at one of my gigs and hope you enjoy my "album."

Craig Louis Dingman